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New Generation of Avid Archery Hunters You Need to Follow in 2019


As most of us already know, Idaho has produced some pretty elite hunters over the years and it only seems to grow with the plethora of tools, knowledge, and resources made possible for today’s hunters. A few examples include: Google Earth, OnX Hunt App,,, RMEF, Toprut, Elknut, Youtube, and Forums Like Rockslide. Don’t forget the plethora of knowledge you can gain from Podcasts in the industry like: Hunt Harvest Health, The Hunt Backcountry Podcast, Eastman's Elevated PodcastHuntTalk Radio, Gritty Bowmen, Kifarucast, Nock On Podcast, The Rich Outdoors, MeatEater, East Meets West Outdoors, Jay Scott Outdoors, Eastman’s Hunting Journal, and a plenty of others. To add icing on the cake there is also the innovation and advancement of gear and equipment used on today’s hunts in which allow us to hunt harder and longer in the woods.

We can spend the rest of our lifetime talking about this topic, so instead I jump straight to the sources and interview handful of the newest generations of Idaho archery hunters to find out what these guys have done and are currently doing in which allow them to be successful in the field, right in here in our great state of Idaho. As said before, Idaho has produced some absolute stud archery and rifle hunters like Russ Meyer, Corey Jacobson, Robby Denning, Ryan Hatfield,..and list goes on.

But what about today’s newest generation of hunters? With all the hunting tools and resources made available we have even more avid hunters. Of course it’s tough to find these guys and sometimes social media is the only way to reach out so that is exactly what I did. I picked a handful of Idaho’s hidden favorite archery hunters that you most definitely want to pay attention too and should be following if you are not already. Of Course there are even more of these guys that do not have social media and run complete off the social media grid so, feel free to reach out and I will hunt them down. 

To brief, these guys are not guides and actually are human.. I think. They are capable of filling hunting archery tags year after year with general tags on public land, just following these guys can provide you a since of hope, inspiration, and are living proof there are still giants that roam the western state and still hitting the dirt.


Check out what they have to say about advancement in today’s hunting industry, the tools they use, and key components that aid them in year to year success in today’s modern world: Click here