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The Hiker's Guide Book- McCall & Cascade Idaho


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McCall & Cascade Idaho

The 240-page The Hiker’s Guide McCall & Cascade (2nd Edition) highlights 65 of the greatest walking adventures in the mountains near McCall, Cascade, Warm Lake and New Meadows. In the 2nd edition of the guidebook you will find 21 new hikes, different options for hikes found in the 1st edition, improved USGS-based maps and color photography. The new guidebook is completely rewritten as the author hiked nearly all of the trails again. A few hikes have been removed from the 1st edition and some hikes are now combined into one hike description. You will also find up-to-date information on which trails were impacted by the 2015 Tepee Springs Fire. This comprehensive guide will help you find the most spectacular mountain destinations in the area.

Inside the guide, look for:

  • At-a-glance information including distance, total elevation gain, season, GPS waypoints, difficulty and cautionary advice.
  • The author’s favorite hikes, including early season, solitude, view, wildflower, backpack, fall, easy and hikes along creeks.
  • Advice on safety, wilderness etiquette and wilderness conservation.
  • Local information on flora, fauna and recent wildfires.
  • 39 USGS-based topographical maps.
  • Over 100 photographs, 16 pages in full-color.

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