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Seek Outside Courthouse with Door Screens


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The Courthouse is a lightweight wall tent that was designed with comfort and cots in mind, the Courthouse offers a tremendous amount of usable space for the footprint.

The Courthouse is a lightweight wall tent that sleeps three people on standard height cots, and weighs just 12.5 lbs.

Wall tents are comfortable for backcountry living.  Their vertical sidewalls are great for cot use, but the traditional canvas wall tent may weigh 75 lbs or more, and require an entire animal to pack.

The side walls allow for more usable square footage which mean less wasted space in the edges of the tent compared to a tipi. This shelter will fit 3 full sized cots, a stove  to keep warm.  You will still have enough room in the front for gear and firewood or that last minute friend that committed at the last minute.

The perfect tent for horse and mule packers looking to lighten their load but still have a roomy, storm worthy tent. The dual pole design gives you a larger standing room compared to a tipi, making this a great gathering tent for larger groups

The tent comes with:

  • 30 aluminum stakes, 
  • 100ft of reflective cordage
  • A tube of Silnet
  • Two aluminum center poles.

Has a larger sod skirt then the traditional tipi tents and is made from 40d floor fabric. The rear vent features a large flap that can be tied out for airflow or tied down for weathering storms or retaining more heat. This tent features screen doors that can be tied back or left closed independently of the main doors.

We recommend 9ft of stovepipe for this shelter.

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