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SkyAir ULT Flat Footprint - Stone Glacier


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  • Packaged Weight: 3 oz.
  • Reinforcement Fabric: Nylon 6, 6 Ripstop 30D sil/sil
  • Tarp Fabric: Nylon 6, 6 Ripstop 10D sil/sil
  • Compatible with Skyair ULT Tent - sold separately

Utilize the SkyAir Flat Footprint with the SkyAir ULT when camping on moist ground or when a floor is preferred to provide a barrier from the ground to yourself and your gear. Used in conjunction with the SkyAir ULT Mesh Liner the Flat Footprint will provide an extra layer of protection to prevent punctures to the floor of the Mesh Liner. Weighing only 3 oz. ounces, this accessory adds great versatility to the SkyAir ULT allowing you to decide when a floorless vs. floored shelter makes sense


    • SkyAir ULT Tent - Tarp 
    • SkyAir ULT Nest 
    • SkyAir ULT Vestibule 

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