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Tenzing TZ Hydration System


Brand Tenzing

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Some of the best, most durable hydration systems in the market.  With a sliding seal and easy to use valve these bladders meet all your expectations.

1.3 lbs 

8.00 x 9.00 x 2.20 Inches

    • Use 3 Liter for: TZ 6000, TZ 5000, TZ 4000
    • Use 2 Liter for: TZ 2220, TZ 1250, TZ 1215W, TZ 1200, TZ 1140
    • Manufacturer Warranty: Materials/Workmanship and normal use guarantee
    • Manufacturer Item Number: 72020 (2 L), 72030 (3L)

Not during the hunt! The Tenzing TZ Hydration System (bladder) is designed to keep you hydrated no matter where the hunt takes you. Advanced materials make this bladder liner virtually maintenance free. Simply rinse, refill and use again and again. Water will remain fresh for days and even weeks.


  • Widepac™ Closure System
  • Large opening and specially designed seal provides for quick and easy refills and leak-proof storage
  • GlassLike™
  • Self-cleaning liner surface is 1000% smoother than standard pouch films to prevent bio-film build up
  • Grunge-Guard™
  • Antimicrobial technology inhibits bacteria growth in the reservoir and drinking tube
  • TasteFree™
  • Pouch liner retains the pure taste of water without any plastic aftertaste

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