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With an ultralight 20D Nylon body and a noise free comfortable design, the Nemo Tensor Field sleeping pad is a wise choice for the backcountry. Sleeping pads are a must in order to achieve a proper nights sleep as well as providing protection from the cold ground. The Tensor series shines with its space frame design that allows the structure to stay evenly distributed with air, even if you're the worst tosser and turner through the night. The Tensor series is also designed with an aluminum film backed inside which allows your body heat to reflect and stay with you for added warmth. The valve placed in the top corner makes it very easy to inflate and deflate these pads as well as make adjustments to the air volume while still laying on it. Along with the pad it will come inside the extra small stuff sack and a compression strap to make sure your sleeping pad is taking up minimal space in your pack. As an added bonus you'll also get a repair kit that will provide you with that extra reassurance while deep in the backcountry. The Nemo Tensor series is also backed by a lifetime warranty to top it all off, this making it a great choice of purchase.

Product Specs:

  • Overall Packaged Weight-1lb 1oz
  • 72in x20in x3in
  • 10-20 F
  • Decompressed package dimensions- 10inches long with a diameter of 3inches


Compression strap pictured below->

Tensor pad deflated in picture below->

I timed how quick it was to fully inflate the Tensor pad.. I was impressed for how thick of a pad design this frame has and how quickly it got fully inflated by mouth. A screen shot of the time below ->

Here's a view of the Tensor completely blown up after the time trial->

The size of this exact model is 72 inches long x 20 inches wide x 3inches thick

Below pictured is myself laying on the Tensor. I am 6' Tall and 185lbs with a shoulder width that most people would call normal->

Pictured below is the easy to reach turn valve for inflating and deflating the pad, as you see in the picture above I can easily reach that valve above my head to adjust the air volume to my desired liking->


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