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I have been hunting the later archery season for quite a few years now. Even without a tag in my pocket I will head out in November and watch rutting mule deer and herds of elk heading to wintering range. Over the course of 5 years during the late season I have fine tuned the best gear to have on these late hunts in the west. Here are my top 10 pieces of hunting gear for late season hunting under $50.00. 



My Zippo Hand Warmers are so legit its not even funny. They are so versatile, so far my favorite time to use them is inside my boots when I go to sleep and drop them in overnight to keep my boots warm on spike hunts. The other time I used them is just keeping them in my jacket pockets during the day while hunting. They not only keep my body warm but also a great for when I stuff my hands in, warms then right up and fit inside the palm of my hand. While glassing I just put them in inside my gloves. 

Sportsmans Tarantula Bow Hook is the best bow hook off the pack you can buy for its price. It does not get in the way and is the perfect hook to hang your bow off your belt in late season. This allow you to stay quite and keep from setting your bow down in the snow. Its great even during regular archery season, hang, glass, bugle, and go. The Tarantula bow hook is so key I wish I had this years ago.

3D Snow Wild Zipper Ghillie Suit is so perfect during snow hunts. It's lightweight, quite, and blends in to all snowy landscapes. It fits loose over your normal gear and does not get in the way. Made with durable polyester with draw strings is key in staying camouflaged and well worth the price.  

Thermal Heated Socks are super thick, cozy and warm These thermal socks are made for the extreme cold and are made out of the 93% acrylic, 6% polyester and 1% spandex which is very soft, warm and stretch. Awesome socks to have for anything cold weather related. 

My Proflex Headed Insoles are hands down the reason I can stay out longer in the snow on freezing cold days. They are 100% Polyethylene, with a low, medium and high setting and warm the entire insole of any boot. They are also water resistant and last several days without a recharge. It only take 4 hrs to charge them back up fully and are soft with well balanced heat throughout the insole. Great for outside work boots, hockey skates, snow / ski boot and of course hunting boots. 

Hot Feet Outdoor Socks are the perfect hunting / hiking sock. Super thick, with moist wicking capability. They will protect your feet from blisters and will keep them warm in super cold weather.

Articshield Mens Insulators boot covers are the key to late season patience game. They are lightweight, pack small and pack heat! Great for glassing, sitting in a blind or waiting on a game trail. They are great for camp, sleep in, and just keeping your feet warm and dry in general. They are game changer, 100% polyester, windproof, water resistance, packable, and key for late season hunts. For just under $50 they are worth its price and weight in gold for late season hunts. 

 Yaktrax Run Traction Cleats: These are so clutch after snow has melted and then refroze on the hillsides. The are 100% adjustable for all my hunting boots and even my running shoes for winter trail runs. They stay on super well, never have to mess with them during a hunt and make a huge difference.. wish I had these years ago! 

Midland X-Talker Two-Way Radio (Extended Range): Great for communicating with a hunting buddy in rugged country. Lightweight, clear communication while hunting. Nothing beats the communication airways for the price under $50.00. Definitely a game changer. 

Bandlands Rain Cover (White): 100% Polyester and 100% Waterproof which stretches to fit your pack. Medium is for 2200 cubic and under. Anything bigger order the Large. Great price and worth it to keep pack and gear dry during late season weather.  

Hope you can adopt few of these items to your gear list for late season hunts. They are a game changer and affordable in which make a huge difference for baring the elements on late season hunting trips. Get a few and let me know how they work for you! 

Will Meyers

IG: ID_Archeryhunts IG: Rivertons

November 16, 2020 by William Meyers

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