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Gear lists for every backcountry hunt

I start the first list with the essentials for all trips then break it down exclusively into each hunt (archery elk, rifle deer, and even November late hunts). Lists will very depending where you hunt (state, terrain, and elevation). There are lots of options and brands out there, I have included a few that work well to give you an idea.

       (Based on Central Idaho backcountry).    

Backcountry Essentials [ALL TRIPS]

[ELK HUNTING SEPTEMBER] Backcountry Gear List 

Backcountry Gear List [DEER HUNTING OCTOBER]

Late Season Archery Deer (November)


Buy health foods - Fuel yourself for the backcountry: lots of high calorie protein rich food with heathy fats. Adventure Athletics EVEREST BARS. Try to keep every ounce of food at 100 calories (2 ounces = 200 calories) I’ll save more information on this for another article.  



Frank Church sheep scout trip - 3 day pack

Above all, invest in a great pair of boots, a pack, a weapon, glass, and trekking poles. Then focus on all the other essentials, I learned the hard way in 2012-2014. Years later (in the summer of 2016) I comfortably spent five of those weekends on 4 day scout trips in the Frank Church Wilderness. Most of my elk hunts are 5-7 days straight, 6-8 miles in. Deer hunts are usually 4 days long 6.8 miles in. For my sheep hunt in 2016 we ended up doing 10 straight days for the actual hunt, coving just over 100 miles in the Frank Church Wilderness (Hiked in- flew out). Packs were roughly 65lb to began the trip. Mine was a little over with a 12lb rifle to add to the pack. Food was kept in individual bags for ration purposes. Email me if you want more pictures, advise, or have addition questions. (People are very opinionated, try to be unbiased, try lots of options, and you will find what works for you and for your budget). 

December 20, 2018 by Will Meyers
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Aaron Todd

Aaron Todd said:

Boots…. I have the Scarpa SL Active which I have 100’s of comfy cozy miles on. However, as of late I have been looking at a higher cut boot for more ankle support. Thoughts??

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