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Like most, I have tried almost all the dehydrated and freeze dried meals out there. I have been happy with some but most of them do not work for me. When Rivertons opened up in Eagle this past year I stopped by to check it out. I spoke to Will for a while and he had nothing but positive things to say about the Peak Refuel meals they had started carrying in their store. So I bought three of the meals to try before hunting season started. 
The first meal I tried was the Chicken Alfredo Pasta. I was absolutely amazed with what I was consuming. I know I have been guilty of accepting "okay" meals after putting 8-10 miles in for the day and coming back into camp starving. The Chicken Alfredo Pasta was clearly at a whole new level compared to all the other meals I had tried over the years. The amazement continued as I tried the other meals that I had purchased from Rivertons. After my trial run (3 consecutive days of eating the Peak Refuel meals) I ended up stocking up on more! To be honest I sold almost all of my Mountain House and other meals I had. 
I had drawn a south hills archery bull tag for September where I spent half of the season down there. All I took for breakfast and dinner was the Peak Refuel meals. I have now tried all of the meals they offer with zero of the issues I had with most of the other meals. Hands down my favorites are the Chicken Pesto Pasta, Beef Stroganoff (add 8 oz of water not the recommended 6 oz), Breakfast Skillet and Mountain Berry Granola. 
All of the meals taste like they were made at home and in most cases the pouches had more food than you can eat in one sitting. The Breakfast Skillet, with hot sauce and tortillas is absolutely awesome. The amount of protein and other nutrients offered in these meals is hands down better than most if not all of the comparable meals out there. Hopefully people will give these meals a try and enjoy them as much as I have.   - James Shackelford
FROM PEAK REFUEL:  #Newstandard

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