Free Shipping For All Domestic Orders

If you find a lower price, we'll match it. 

We are family owned business and we want you to join our inner circle and become part of the family simply by shopping with us. We value customer appreciation immensely, in doing so we will match the lowest price on the exact available item you are shopping for to prove it. Worry less on the price and focus more about the quality of gear and customer service you are about to receive.

What Qualifies for Best Price Guarantee? 

1) The product is an identical match. Same brand, same model number, same color, same size. 

2) The product is immediately available at a qualifying store or website. (Legitimate site only, Rivertons discretion).  

3) The Product meets our eligibility criteria. 

"There are some products or purchases that are not eligible, such as markdowns during special daily and hourly sales, or VIP member discounts. But we keep those exclusions limited and consider the options, does hurt to try, am I right?" 

We ship out your order the same day we receive it, we are small and have the capability to do so, we'll show you our loyalty in hopes to gain yours.