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Adventure Athletics - K2 Effervescent Tablets


K2 primes your body with the electrolytes it needs so you’re prepared to climb, bike, hike, run, or swim at your highest potential. We added antioxidant vitamin C to help defend yourself against roaming free radicals formed by exercise, which can wreak havoc on the body. Hydrate, replenish, recover, and defend with K2.
  • Quick, Easy, Effective Hydration*
  • 15 Calories, 3g Carbs, 0g Sugars
  • Provides Elite Levels of Electrolytes
  • 500mg of Vitamin C Boosts Immune System*
  • Staying hydrated helps maintain peak physical performance.*
  • Healthy electrolyte balance reduces muscle cramps.*
  • Exercise generates free radicals, which can weaken the immune system; antioxidants like vitamin C help defend against the harmful effects of free radicals.*
  • NO Caffeine, NO Sugars
  • NO Artificial Flavors, Colors, Or Sweeteners
  • Pocket Size Travel Bottle
  • Great Taste


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