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Capra Hunter Ti - Goat Knifes


The Capra hunter Ti was built as an all-purpose knife & multi-tool.

The handle is machined from fine grade 2 titanium. Used for its ultralight & strong properties. The handle has a ¼” drive cut-out for use with any 1/4” platform bits.

The knife handle itself weighs in at 26 grams. The knife handle has 2 slotted cut-outs for two-bit in handle storage held in place by 4 Storage O-rings.

Design use:

The knife was designed to eliminate the need to pack extra tools or Allen wrenches in the field. As a hunter your always going to have a knife so why not combine the two tools into one. With the Capra hunter TI you can tighten or repair scope rings, picatini rails, bow sights, limb bolts, arrow rests, tripods, base plates, and spotting scopes, etc in the field. The multi-use lanyard was braided from bcy 24 cordage. Giving you the ability to repair archery D-loops and fall away rest cables if something were to break in the field. The BCY cord is strong enough to replace tent guy lines, boot laces, zipper pulls, or even hang meat.


Goat Knifes aspired to create a product that would ultimately be lighter, better, and stronger than your current Allen wrench and knife solution and that's why they developed the Capra Hunter Ti. 

"We combined two products into one that weighs in at a remarkable 1.4 oz. 

We believe that this knife will not only make you a more efficient hunter but also lighten your load in the backcountry and also have your six should some of your other equipment fail and need a simple repair."

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