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The Hiker's Guide Book- Greater Boise


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“Diversity” is a word often loosely thrown about when describing landscapes—sometimes it is more true than others. A close inspection of Boise’s topographical crossroads verifies this distinction. Boise sits on the Snake River Plain sandwiched between Idaho’s Rocky Mountains and the high desert stretching to Nevada and southeast Oregon. Within a few hours, you can travel from a snow-capped peak to an arid desert canyon harboring the largest riparian habitat in North America.

The Hiker’s Guide Greater Boise will guide you on 50 hiking routes offering a wide range of destinations and treks. Whether you are searching for green forests, hot springs, tumbling waterfalls, peculiar rock formations, glacial lakes, or wind-swept ridges and mountain peaks, you will find them all here. Some of the most amazing scenery near Boise awaits you. Enjoy the journey.

Free Sample Hikes

Hike #32 Swanholm Peak and Warrior Lakes

The 8,727-foot Swanholm Peak delivers quintessential vistas unmatched anywhere in the area. Fifty-mile views deliver the North Fork of the Boise River, the Trinity Mountains, virtually the entire western face of the Sawtooths and ridge after ridge of lofty peaks in the Boise National Forest. An unmanned fire lookout offers a platform to enjoy the vistas. This route is seldom traveled and seclusion will be your companion, although elk, deer and grouse are common.


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