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TUR Carbon PRO - Goat Knifes


TUR Carbon PRO - Goat Knifes is backordered. We will ship it separately once we receive it.

The TUR carbon pro is the first ultra-light hunting knife of its kind. Coming in at 1.5 ounces the Tur carbon pro will give you the upper hand on your hunts this fall.


  • 1.5 ounces
  • Titanium handle
  • Carbon knife scales
  • 4/40 Titanium Torx head screws
  • The TUR interlocking blade design
  • Nitro V blade steel
  • Kydex sheath


  • Titanium knife handle with carbon inlay
  • The standard blade & 2 -Ti Torx screws
  • Multi option Kydex sheath

The two-piece design will save you un-needed weight by utilizing the ultra-strong and light properties of a machined titanium handle. The carbon inlay blade scales give this knife that sexy look that you’d expect from a high-end hunting knife. The TUR gives you the capability of interchanging blade designs from our standard blade & fleshing blade options to allow you to perform the job at hand. Our blades are made from Nitro V blade steel with a Rockwell Hardness of 62 giving you excellent blade retention and life. The Tur will remain sharp as you cape, quarter, or debone that hard-earned trophy. The TUR will stay sharp until you get home and put that wicked sharp edge back. We chose Nitro V blade steel for its durability, corrosion resistance, and blade retention. Nitro V is a steel that the average hunter can easily put a hair shaving edge back on the blade with little experience.

This multifunctional knife handle also has the patent-pending Goat Knife 1/4” drive hole that will give you the option to fix your hunting gear in the field with any standard Allen bit set.  Whether you are removing a backstrap from a mule deer buck in the high country or caping and fleshing that once in a lifetime Ram, you can count on the TUR carbon pro from Goat knives to last a lifetime. The Tur Carbon pro is made in the USA and comes with our limited lifetime warranty.


Goat Knifes aspired to create a product that would ultimately be lighter, better, and stronger than your current Allen wrench and knife solution and that's why they developed the Capra Hunter Ti. 

"We combined two products into one that weighs in at a remarkable 1.4 oz. 

We believe that this knife will not only make you a more efficient hunter but also lighten your load in the backcountry and also have your six should some of your other equipment fail and need a simple repair."

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