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Here are my top backcountry gear items that I use daily and are a game changer in the woods while hunting or camping. See for yourself, get them today!

First things first, coffee! What I love more is Bullet Proof Coffee. They provide an instant coffee mix for the mountains. It includes, Brain Octane C8 MCT oil from the best part of the coconut and 100% grass-fed ghee, high in omega-3, CLA, beta-carotene, Vitamin A, Vitamin K, Vitamin D, Vitamin E. Mix one bag up with coffee and enjoy!

My other favorite is Fat Fuel Keto coffee with MCT Oil, Coconut oil, Grass-Fed Butter. Long lasting fats that help me in the morning fuel my body for long hunts. Lightweight and with little time to waist in the morning I am out on the hunt.

In combination of coffee powder. I like to use protein power mix as a regular shake on the mountain, in my coffee (added protein), or daily while at home and after workouts. The best product I have tried for the price is Optimum Why Gold Standard (double rich chocolate). At home I will mix it with almond milk. You can buy it here:

Foot booties are super nice to have at camp, sleep in, and or stalking. If its getting out of the tent and having something to slip in or sit around the fire these guys are essential in my kit. Super lightweight, packable and warm! Black was my go-to color, but pink is not a bad idea.. at least you wont lose them.

Talk about comfort, my backcountry pillow is hands down a game changer. Take this everywhere camping, in the car, you name it. It has a small stuff stack that fits inside your pocket, so legit and super lightweight. 

Extremely lightweight (1.8lbs) and compact. It has four short leg sections extending to 47.4 inches and folding down to 16.3 inches for carrying on your pack. Its hands down the sturdiest for the weight, my backcountry dream tripod.


 Never leaves my truck and always keeps things (wild game, beer and food) cool. And in the winter (without ice it it) it prevents food and drinks from freezing completely. Its a game changer on all levels, all year long. 


Water filter for anytime anywhere. Fills up quick, filters the water correctly with little effort and with ease. Best I have used and tried. Four years strong with this guy. Super Lightweight, fits anyone in my pack or truck. 

 Probable one of the most important backcountry items that is essential is a survival shelter. One that is versatile and lightweight is best. The six moon design Gatewood Cape is only 10 oz and does just that! 

 Another great options would be the Drop + Dan Durston X Mid Tent at 36oz! Lots of room, double walled to breath well and can be two person no problem! 

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