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Dog Chew - Elk Antler


See size chart

All Antlers are Grade A (Brown / Fresh) Elk antlers. 

OUR Antler Dog Chews:

  • Long Lasting- The majority of antlers will last a dog weeks, or even months
  • Sustainable- New antlers are naturally grown and shed each year.
  • Natural & Organic- There is only 1 ingredient, 100% Organic Antler.
  • Nutritional- Naturally rich in iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc and phosphorus.
  • Humane- Our antlers are naturally shed, they fall of as part of the normal life cycle.
  • Local- Our Antlers are sourced from only in central Idaho
  • Oral Health- Antler chewing helps keep teeth and breath clean.
  • Convenient- Antler chews are clean, easy to store, not messy.

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Large Bone Single: (2.5 oz) roughly 

XL Single (4.5oz) roughly 

Mega Single (8.0z) roughly 

Bundle Pack (3 pack of the Large Size Bones) 

No elk were harmed in this process. 


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