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Dog Chew - Elk Antler


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All Antlers are Grade A (Brown / Fresh) Elk antlers and all chews are hand sanded down for your pets safety. 

OUR Antler Dog Chews:

Benefits of these natural elk sheds for your dog are they are full of essential vitamins and minerals such as Iron, Calcium, Phosphorus, and Zic that are great for your pet. Dog will chew on them to help clean their teeth and they promote proper gum health. 

  • Long Lasting- The majority of antlers will last a dog weeks, or even months
  • Sustainable- New antlers are naturally grown and shed each year.
  • Natural & Organic- There is only 1 ingredient, 100% Organic Antler.
  • Nutritional- Naturally rich in iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc and phosphorus.
  • Humane- Our antlers are naturally shed, they fall of as part of the normal life cycle.
  • Local- Our Antlers are sourced from only in central Idaho
  • Oral Health- Antler chewing helps keep teeth and breath clean.
  • Convenient- Antler chews are clean, easy to store, not messy.

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Large Bone Singles: roughly (2.5 oz)  - $13.50

Large Tall (3oz & narrow 2.5-3 in diameter) - $16.50

XL Single (4.5oz) Roughly (4 inch diameter)  - $24.00

Mega Single (8.5z) roughly  (5inch diameter) - $45.00

Bundle Pack (3 pack of the Large Size Bones) - $38.00

Call or text Will (208.720.3586) for custom cuts or requests). 

No elk were harmed in this process. 

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